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scrapmine markets, sells, and tracks the sale of your scrap metal for you.

We bring the buyers and we handle the paperwork. Point at the pile and we take it from there.


scrapmine offers your material to qualified metal recyclers in your area and beyond.

All data is tracked and ISO compliant reports are provided.


scrapmine uses auctions to ensure scrap materials are sold at full value.

Our system also removes price fluctuations from the scrap market. This enables recyclers to bid best prices.

How The System Works

  • You identify a timeframe and/or a set amount of material to be collected.
  • scrapmine markets the material to qualified recycling companies.
  • The recycling companies bid in an online, live, auction for the contract.
  • The winning recycling company collects the material.
  • The weight of the material removed is sent to mineScrap, often by emailing weigh tickets from your scale.
  • scrapmine invoices based on current prices published by the American Metals Market.
  • scrapmine collects monies and remits monies to your company.
  • scrapmine provides any and all customized reports required by your company.

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